Like vs Love

I don't like my kids. I love them. Like and love. These get mixed and mashed up so much. We all like stuff. Our kids like stuff. We even like our kids. Fact is most normal humans love their kids. Yet with that love comes a grey area that most people don't know how to... Continue Reading →

Good Morning

via Daily Prompt: Heal Awake with the morning dew like the angels have cried through the night. Has star dust sprinkled your eyes with dreams that comforted you into the night? Did the darkness not harm but protect you in slumber? Awake to know you are alive and beauty is replenished your soul. Good morning... Continue Reading →

Rise & Shine

Ever since my home was invaded by tiny humans in early 2012, they have managed to take the one thing most vital to life besides water. SLEEP! From the first siege the late nights went from poppin’ bottles into making bottles. Sleeping soundly vanished.  As a new parent you are compelled to listen for the... Continue Reading →

Texas Days

My boys are blessed to live in the great state of Texas. We have ever changing weather and living on the Gulf Coast is magic.  Houston always has something going on. Between the bayous that flows behind our home, to the many wildlife parks. If we want more of an urban city scape, downtown offers... Continue Reading →

House Keeping

In no way am I a super organized person. I do, however, like a clean home. It does not have to be Martha Stewart fancy or hospital sanitized. Just clean. Here's the rub. When you have kids, cleaning is like raking leaves on a windy day in Chicago. With a fork. Some of you tiger... Continue Reading →

Sun Down

If you have ever had to put a toddler to bed you know what patients is. If you've ever had to put a 5 year old to bed you understand frustration. If you have ever had to put a toddler, and two five year olds in the same room to bed..... you probably have high blood pressure. ... Continue Reading →

The Birth of Bubba

We planned one of those “natural” child births. We read every book out and confided in each other that this was the path we wanted. I was all on board with full support for my beautiful lady. I had practiced my role. Blew up the exercise ball and packed the essential oils. The playlist was made.... Continue Reading →

He’s no mom, but…

Those of you who were fortunate to have a positive father figure in your lives most likely hold the title Dad in high regard.  If not, you at least respect it. I hope. Dad is the rock, the stand up guy, the guy asleep in the chair that can tell if you turn the television... Continue Reading →

Who does this guy think he is?

I know what some of you must be thinking, and you're about 50% correct.  Is this another one of those "sarcastic dad" blogs? Damn right it is! You like it so what does that say about you? Look, will some of my writing make you uncomfortable? Yes. Will some of it make you burst into laughter? I hope so.... Continue Reading →

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