The Meaning of Life

Lots of people often question what the meaning of life is. It has been the subject of many speeches and lectures. It has confounded explorers and fueled religious beliefs. I even asked myself years ago this very question. For what seems like a very difficult question renders itself to a simple answer. The secret to life is to live.  It’s that simple. We as humans complicate the heck out of everything and make the simple things monumentally difficult. But if you boil it down to the basics you will find that choosing to live is the key and secret. I never said this was the key to happiness or that life would not be difficult. It will test your metal. It will break you. But that is what life is supposed to do. You must find how to live at peace with the everyday stresses. That peace hinges on how you master your mind. Your parents, your siblings, religion, nor anyone else cannot master your mind. This task falls on you.  The rest are influences on how you chose to walk your path. Meditate, read your Bible, Quran, pray, paint, cook whatever calms your mind and centers you. Understand the fight for control is within you. Tame the mind and the body will do its will.bigstock-japanese-businessman-is-medita-52070017-300x242

I went to a funeral early this week and the minister that spoke made a great statement. We are all writing our own eulogy. The way we live and who we affect around us will be our testament that is left behind. The last thing you want is a minister saying how great you are, and your wife and child asking if they are at right service because you were none of those things. It’s not about how many Holy Scriptures and texts you can recite. How often you were in your place of worship. Your wealth and money doesn’t matter. What did your life say? What will your children say about you? Truthfully. What will be your legacy?  I don’t have all the answers but I do have two guidelines.

  1. Realize you are going to die but don’t make that the focus. I say this because growing up in a Christian household I noticed that the focus all seemed to be on where you are going after you die. For Christ sake everyone needs to chill with that.  Everyone is quick to say how they are going to glory and who they are going to see in paradise. They lament how this world is a burden and are consumed with the end times. Stop damning the world in a rush to get out. Muslims too. Stop damning the world in a rush to gain unknown glory. That is not what either of your profits taught. Atheist alike, stop being so negative with the nothingness crap. Stop being so miserably holy and death obsessed you miss out on life. Death is real and we are all going to die, we get it.
  2. Focus on the important things. What are they?
    1. You. If you are messed up and not in control of your mind you can’t be any help in the other areas of family and service.
    2. Family. They are what you leave behind. Give them your knowledge and love as much as you can. Enjoy the happy times and grow in the pain.
    3. Service. Your faith, religious choice, or none choice means nothing if you have given nothing of yourself. It’s just that simple. Without compassion you lack basic human qualities. Your children need to see you in service. They need to learn and understand compassion for others.

I know you were thinking there must be more but that is it. They all go together. They all follow a path of happiness or at least the path I have seen. Some of the strongest and happiest people I have ever met where children fighting to stay alive.  They are not consumed with the minor distractions we wrestle with. They show no fear of death that could take them away. 1545582_3925892801831_1752269109_nThese beautiful souls put smiles on the faces of sadden parents, volunteers, nursing staffs, you name it. They know the secret. Live now. Don’t live to die. Live to embrace life in all its waves. Take the good with the bad and give that positive energy back to everyone you touch. That is the mystery.

I don’t want my kids to fear me passing way or what will happen to my soul. I want them to know from the life that I have lived and the wisdom I have passed on to them that I lived a grand life. Each experience they helped paint and shape. Every moment filled with revelry, love, tears, and laughter. I challenge you today to live. You get to die later but right now you need to live.


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  1. Excellent wisdom, Chris! Growing up in a Christian home myself, I grew tired of the death or “going up yonder” talk. We all know we will die but what we do while we are here is significantly important.

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