Sun Down

If you have ever had to put a toddler to bed you know what patients is. If you’ve ever had to put a 5 year old to bed you understand frustration. If you have ever had to put a toddler, and two five year olds in the same room to bed….. you probably have high blood pressure.  Usually we try to get Boy Wonder and Toot in bed first at 7 ish. I say ish because other imposable things must happen first. Pretend every day your child’s memory is deleted by the men in black. That means what are pajamas? How do you put these things on? What is this potty and bed you speak of? Boy Wonder tends to wonder into other things like, requesting to brush teeth only to forget to do so even though he is the one that requested this act. Toot is a dancing machine and goes around singing jibberish that’s a cross between Spanish and Native American war cries. All the while the dog barks and bubba the baby stumbles around like a drunkard on Bourbon street yelling for beads. It’s an awesome show.

Where the hell are these kids parents you ask? We are right here in the mix, so calm your tits. Thing is mom has been at work all-day and trying to unwind. The draw back to having a  five minute drive to work is you don’t get to decompress on the drive home. You would think its a good idea to stay close to work. Fact is it’s a double edge sword. If you stay further away, you get some alone time. True it may be spent stuck in traffic, but that hour is decompression time. Meanwhile dad has been with the intoxicated toddler all day. On early dismissal days or spring break count in the other boys too.  He’s not really drunk by the way he just learned how to walk.  I’m sure the parents are going to want a happy hour though. Good luck with that.

So now that everyone is home and the circus is complete. It sounds mad but most days it’s fun. Stressful but fun. How do we make it fun with this landscape of madness you have just painted? Easy! Embrace the madness and turn on some music! Start cooking, and get the boys dancing. Yes even little baby Bubba loves to dance. Its duel purpose too. Everyone is happy and they will be tired. Yes the goal is to run them into the ground. Feed them. Send them to bed. Before you get carried away you do need to know a few things. While the dance party is going on with the boys this allows adults to enjoy a home happy hour. That is if we made it to the “Bunny store” as the kids call it. Specs people, the store is Specs.  We also get to talk about the day because communication in a two way relationship is important.  10571977_10201420772277311_2631968365351851735_o

Once it’s dinner time TV’s off. Nothing with a screen for the kids because it stimulates the brain and that is not what you want before bed. Bath and book. I repeat bath and book. Some nights just book. You get a beautiful connection with your child and feel as if you have contributed to a  better education. The most important thing of the night, and really at any point of the day is this. Embrace that little version of you. Remind them you love them and how they are special. Kiss them, and stroke their head. This is what you want them to remember. This is the pillow talk they will look for when they are adults. Show them worth now and they will never forget how special they are.

Now hurry up cause the baby is still awake. Yeah sorry I got no magic bullets for babies that fight sleep. Good luck.j2brj



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    1. Once they hit five it does get a little bit better. You can have more of a schedule and as long as there are in bed we are cool. No kids fall right to sleep so we usually give them the option to lay in bed after story time and look at books until they fall asleep. Five year olds are less maintenance and you still can get a bit of happy hour in. Our youngest likes to be held so navigating our kitchen with a drink can be pretty tricky. Thanks for the read and trust me each year it gets better.

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