He’s no mom, but…

Those of you who were fortunate to have a positive father figure in your lives most likely hold the title Dad in high regard.  If not, you at least respect it. I hope. Dad is the rock, the stand up guy, the guy asleep in the chair that can tell if you turn the television channel because he was in fact not asleep, only resting his eyes. Yep! That’s the guy. But wait isn’t this also the guy that gets the ugly ties, tube socks, and travel grooming kit for Father’s Day and Christmas? Unfortunately this is also correct but still he smiles every time and says you shouldn’t have. No, really you shouldn’t have.dad-tie

Holy crap is this my fate? Hell, if you’re a dad reading this, is this your fate too? I sure as hell hope not. Don’t get me wrong I own a travel grooming kit but I don’t want that to be the go to “oh- crap- what- do- we- get- Dad” gift. I’m no mom but I do like to relax. Get daddy a spa day too. Yes, that’s right I’m comfortable enough in my masculinity to say I would enjoy a spa day. If you want to keep it rugged I live in gun land aka Texas. Send me to the range or on a hunt.  The point I want to make is,  he’s no mom, but damn give the guy a break. dad-fail-daughter-pee-shoulders

Now, I know what you may be thinking if you don’t holster a twig and berries down below. Allow me to plead my case before the castration begins. Females in general, mother or not, get way more gift options. Not only do they have great options but kids tend to put more effort into ‘mom gifts.’ That is, of course, unless you are a total female canine. If so sorry but I can’t help you. Back to Mom gifts. I mean where can I start?  Ladies you have entire stores dedicated to you alone, what more do I need to say?

Gifts for dad’s are limited to a table. You know exactly what freaking table it is too. It typically has wallets and cuff links. Most of the time in combination box next to the crappy trimmers to trim ear and nose hair. Get lucky and it may be bundled with the travel grooming kit. Sound familiar? This is the equivalent of the island of misfit toys. Guys look at this table all the time and place bets to see what will end up in his home around some significant holiday date. I think they even have a fantasy league for it.

Check it out. You want to make your Dad happy, I know you do. Get to know the guy that farts and blames it on the dog or in some cases you. He’s worth it cause he ran off the monster that was in your closet in 1985. He took you to that ball game that made you hate the Dallas Cowboy or Patriots. Dad was the one that told you that you were better that boy/girl who broke your heart. Cause he woke you up on Saturday to mow the lawn to teach you pride and ownership. In the end  he’s no Mom, but he is Dad. singledads131

P.S. Tell your Dad you love him. I’m positive he will like it and so will you.


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