Who does this guy think he is?

I know what some of you must be thinking, and you’re about 50% correct.  Is this another one of those “sarcastic dad” blogs? Damn right it is! You like it so what does that say about you? Look, will some of my writing make you uncomfortable? Yes. Will some of it make you burst into laughter? I hope so. Will it change your social and parental views? Maybe, and with that in mind I’d like to state this my disclaimer now. I’m not a doctor nor a PhD. Hell I don’t even have a bachelors, but I consider myself a first rate father. Others have also vouched for my parenting skills so chill. You may then say to yourself, “what makes you and qualified to talk about family matters?”  I’ve been married, divorced, and remarried. I’ve come full circle and started life all over. I come a two parent home but that was far from perfect. I have seen the struggle of single moms and dad’s.  16683845_10203027789371734_9176793718036676476_nI’m a man’s man yet in touch with my feminine side. That just mean being equally loving as you are firm. Oh yeah and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

My help mate and beautiful wife has blessed me with two boys Boy wonder(5) & Baby Bubba(11months). My former wife with my first born Toot(5). For those of you lacking math skills that brings the grand total to three boys. (The 5 year olds are six months apart) In addition to that add on one wild dog to round off the tribe. With a tribe like this you better know who you are. The trick is first understanding that even though you do have a “tittle” roles change all the damn time. On the hour, day, week, month, basically the rest of your life. I do not what this to seem exclusive to fathers only. This is directed to parents as a whole.

I do however think most, not all fathers struggle more with this. Majority of  us knuckle draggers have issues as soon as we hear those famous words. “Babe can you keep the kids for little while?” Bring on the wide spread panic, cold sweats and utter chaos of the mind. How am I going watch the game, drink beer, insert any other stereotypical guy activities not involving children? More importantly, clean this house, cook dinner, and breathe?   We as parents are always changing and adapting. It’s how we react that will determine how it effects our little ones. Now this is the fun part for everyone. I get to quote Bruce Lee.  You get to see how bad ass you may be or about to be! Check it out.__be_like_water___bruce_lee_by_benjimc-d37z2jnI know right! Mind Blown! You have to see that time not as a having to watch your kids. First of all you made them or you signed on to be a parent in some form. Suck it up butter cup. Am I saying its wont be stressful, hell no! They are going to drive you nuts. You may even need an adult beverage. but Bruce just told you the key. You have to be water and flow with it. This is an opportunity to teach your kids about sports. Have them help you or supervise you working on the car.  Hell you can even teach them about beer or what ever legal thing you are into. Every moment is a chance to bond with them. Some of my best days have been just taking Boy wonder and Toot on random adventures. They have more fun at the dog park than the damn dog.

So who am I? Who are you? I’m a father and damn proud of it. I like going out side watching them ride bikes. I enjoy side walk chalk or walks in the woods. My job changes everyday. So does yours. My kids can be crazy but that is what make life.  So do yours. I crash into adventure like a water fall. I pour out wisdom like a stream, and I form to the bottle (most likely whiskey) to fit the needs of my family. I’m that guy or dad. The question is who are you?



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