Summer Chapter 1

I took some time off from posting simply because being summer time, it was just really hard to write. This summer was unlike any other summer I have ever had. This was my first summer as a stay at home dad. It was also the first proper summer break for Michael. Langston starts school this year, which brought about a... Continue Reading →


House Keeping

On Holiday but this is my favorite post.

Blogging Father

In no way am I a super organized person. I do, however, like a clean home. It does not have to be Martha Stewart fancy or hospital sanitized. Just clean. Here’s the rub. When you have kids, cleaning is like raking leaves on a windy day in Chicago. With a fork. Some of you tiger moms have subdued your cubs into knowing nothing but neat and tidy. To you guys; I kind of hate you. No, not really. I’m joking. But your kids are going to end up putting you in a nursing home. Back to cleaning.

Our five years olds are getting to the point where we can give them some responsibilities. They honestly do enjoy helping. They get to help feed the dog, clean windows things like that. The only problem is when kids help, it’s almost never help. They suck at it. But it’s not their fault…

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In the Dark.

My kids sleep with some type of light on, or with a stuffed animal.  They are scared of the dark as any 5 or 6 year old would be. Sometimes even with the light on, they are still frightened. We go trough all the stuff they don't have to be scared of, and try to get them to... Continue Reading →

Chill Out

This post was featured on Thank you Stephanie Lowry for the support. Fathers get stereotyped most of the time because of a role that has been pushed on us. When the majority of the world thinks of what that role looks like it is very boxed in. I can sum it up in one... Continue Reading →

Dad Brain. Dude Brain?

My wife is half way across the globe for work for a week an a half.  Singapore to be exact. That's a 13 hour time difference. That also means when we are going to bed, she is waking up, and vice versa.  On top of that, it's summer so both boys are here all day with me.... Continue Reading →

Life After Birth.

On June 23rd 2000 an blah, blah, blah, one of my favorite nephews was born to my sister.  I recall my sister getting "What to expect when you're expecting" as most first time mothers do. It is the supposable bible of childbirth. I recall reading trough it out of teenaged curiosity. I had already taken... Continue Reading →

Open Letter to Parents #1

For the past few days it has been challenging for me to write. It's not a writers block thing or anything of that nature. The house hold has been in massive flux. The world for our boys is changing around us, work travel is returning, and the heat is on in Texas as summer is... Continue Reading →

Blaze the fire.

Our children are the product of our love. They are the fruit of our passion.  Passion burns and as with any fire you must keep it alive.  When I spark up the smoker my boys are always eager to watch daddy start the fire. Even when we retreat to the country with family we build... Continue Reading →

Happy Mothers Day!

Cards, candy, flowers, and jewelry. The foundation brick and mortar for mother's day gifts. It dwarfs Father's Day, Valentine’s Day, and any personal relationship themed holiday besides your wedding anniversary. Mothers get the grunt work. They sacrifice their bodies for a year. Not 9 months, because even after the baby is in the world they... Continue Reading →

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